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Monday, October 22, 2012

My Green Smoothie And My Little Roller

I finally have the time to post!

It's been quite busy in the Burkart household lately.  With Ryan in school Monday and Wednesday nights, we have been trying to get all the family time in that we can get.  Thankfully, he will be graduating in December!  (i'm so proud of him)

Today i am going to blog about my super green smoothie.  While i was pregnant with Adam, i was not very fond of vegetables. (with james i actually craved salads haha) With Adam, chocolate kept calling my name...not just in the middle of the night but all hours of the day.  York peppermint patties to be exact.  What's funny, i never like minty chocolate stuff, but now i do...except icecream. haha!  Anyway.  During my pregnancy i wanted to make sure i was getting the right amount of nutrients not only for me but for Adam as well. So i would make my green smoothie.  Doesn't sound very appealing does it?
Here is what you will need:
Greek Yogurt (i like the strawberry flavor best)
Frozen Blueberries
Frozen Strawberries
Orange Juice
Sometimes i through in oats for the whole grain
A Blender

I know you are thinking "Spinach? Gross!"  You can not taste it at all!  It does make the smoothie green, however, you only taste the berry flavors.  
*Tip*  Frozen fruit can be pretty pricey.  I have found that buying just regular produce (strawberries, blueberries, etc) has the same affect...it just takes more time.  Usually when i get home from the grocery, if the kids are behaving, i'll wash the produce and stick them into freezer safe containers or bags.  That way they are ready to go when i want to make a smoothie.  
As far as yogurt goes, you can use whichever kind you would like.  I prefer greek yogurt to get the protein.  
You can use milk instead of orange juice.  I like OJ because it gives it more of a fruity flavor. 
It's fun to experiment with it.  I've got my hubby in on it as well.  He adds chocolate or sometimes protein powder into his.
Now that i have had Adam, i have continued to make and drink this.  It makes me feel good to know i am feeding my body good things...because i still cave into chocolate! haha!  
Like i have said before, for me, once i had kids my mindset toward food and exercise has drastically changed for the better.  I want to take care of myself so i can be there for my family as long as possible. 
I have been very blessed with two amazing nappers (kids who nap well...most of the time).  That's when i find time...or try to make time for myself.  Whether it's exercising, resting, making a healthy meal, showering, or reading the Word.  
So spoil yourself with something good for you!

*Another Tip*  Make sure you wash the Spinach, even if it is prewashed.  :) 


Adam has been a "Roller" the past few months.  But now he is really rolling!

Today while i was making lunch, i laid Adam on his blanket on his belly to play. Next thing i knew he was completely off his blanket!  he must have rolled 3 times. haha!

Haha!  He is growing so fast!  he just turned 5 months and is wearing 9 month clothes.  So different from how James was.  Adam also said "Ma Ma" the other day!  I love this age...it's so fun!  But i hate how fast it is going.
I had a meltdown last week.  I had moved Adam's crib into James' room.  I did it while Ryan was at school...took me 2 hours to do. haha! (i couldn't get it to collapse - it wouldn't fit through the door frame)  I was happy that i did it - we have our room back, but it made me so sad to think the baby phase is almost over.  Ryan came home finding me crying in our room. haha!  It is so hard for me to "let go" at the small stuff...what kind of basket case will i be when they leave for school?  Or college?  Or when they get married?  Ahhh...can't even think about it. haha!
I am so thankful for my two healthy happy boys!  I am so in love with my family!
Have a happy day!

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