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Friday, October 5, 2012

In the beginning...

A few weeks ago, James and i sat outside one evening while Adam was napping and Ryan was at school.  I usually will sit outside while James plays outside, but this time he wanted to just sit on my lap and look around.  It was a beautiful evening.  James kept saying "look at that pretty blue sky, mommy." and "look at those trees."  I began to tell him that God had made those things for us.  That led me to think 'i should take the time and actually teach him as much as i can about the Lord.'  What better way to start then with the beginning...Creation.  

Everyday for 7 days (it was more spread out because things came up) i taught James about all that God created. 

The first thing i wanted to teach him was a Bible verse.  Genesis 1:1.  I wrote out the verse on a big piece of paper and hung it on the fridge right above his "poo poo" chart. haha.  Every morning we went over the verse.  (it's amazing if you use repetition - how much they remember at this age)  
I would let him point at the words as we would say them together out loud.

DAY 1: God made light.

This was James' favorite.  I let him hold a flashlight in the dark bathroom.  I said, "on the first day, He made LIGHT."  (when i said "light" James would turn on the flash light)

Here's a video of us in the bathroom with the Flashlight.
I found a website that had coloring pages for each day that God created something.  (they are kind of cheezy) After we went over the bible verse and let him do the flash"LIGHT", i let him color the page.

DAY 2: God made separated the sky and the water. (God made skies so blue) :)
The next day was luckily a beautiful day.  The sky was so blue.  I took him outside and we just looked at the sky.  "God made the blue sky."
I let him color the Day 2 coloring sheet.  Then we did a little craft.  I found some blue construction paper, white paint, and a little sponge brush.  James dipped the sponge brush in the paint and made clouds on the paper.  

DAY 3:  God made land. (God made land, plants and trees)
We went "exploring" in our back yard that day.  I told him to pick up things like leaves, grass, etc.
I drew on a paper a tree and he decorated (glued on) the things that he had found outside.

DAY 4: God made the sun, moon, and stars.
This one i wish i would have had more time.  I was planning on us making a little sun, moon, and stars mobile, but we were getting all set for our trip to Vermont, so we just did the coloring page.  We did, however, go outside when it was dark to look at the stars.  (that is always a real treat!)  

DAY 5: God made the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky.
I had a couple of books on animals that had fish and birds.  We also look online at pictures of birds and fish.  Another option you could do is take them to walmart or a pet store.  I took james to walmart to see the fish...but be prepared to explain to your kids why the fish aren't swimming there. haha!

DAY 6:  God made animals and people.
This one i really enjoyed!  We looked through animal book/pictures.  Then i got out photo albums of our family and we looked through them together.  I got to explain how God made everyone - our family.  I told him that God made him (james) and that he is so special.  Everything from his toes to the hairs on his head are all wonderful!  (let them know that God made them and that they are wonderfully made!)

DAY 7: God rested.
I took this day to go over everything we had learned.  I hung up all of his coloring pictures on the wall so he could see how much God had made....and that it was and is GOOD.  

This was such a great experience for me too!  It reminded me of everything that God has made...and that His works are good.  
Here's a video of all we learned.(everyday is "2nd" day haha!)

I know as a parent i will make many many many mistakes, but i never want to make the mistakes of not showing my kids enough love or teaching them about the Lord.  
Make each day count with your kids!  

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