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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I cannot believe i forgot to post about this!

When i was little and lived in NC, i took piano lessons.  I would go over to this little (older) lady's house where she would teach me one on one for about an hour or so. We would have piano recitals and even little piano competitions - where there were judges.
  My grandmother (mama jenna) was a voice coach/music teacher/ piano extraordinaire.  She would take the time and teach me piano at her house.  While it was a frustrating instrument to play...i loved it!  There is something about hearing the music of a piano - it can bring tears or make your heart happy.  
Growing up, my parents had put their HUGE piano in my bedroom.  It was neat, because i could play it anytime i wanted and also an annoyance because anyone else could as well. haha!  The piano was old and completely out of tune, and unfortunately my parents got rid of it years down the road.  
Since then i have always wanted to have a piano in our house.  To play, to teach our kids, and just to fill our house with music.  
Well, my very amazing husband decided to sell one of his beautiful guitars so we could buy me a digital piano.  I was very hesitant in letting him do this, because those guitars are his little "babies."  He assured me that he only needed one guitar. (he also used the excuse that it was our 5 year anniversary) So, he found someone on craigslist and sold it to him.  Right after that, he took me to guitar center and purchased me a digital piano that was the exact same price he sold the guitar for...and on SALE!  
It is so amazing!  It feels just like a piano...not like a keyboard.
I'm so excited to get back into playing it more...it's been years since i have played! If my grandmother were still here, i know she would sit right next to me and play her little heart out.
I still can't believe i have a piano!  I always wanted out house to be filled with music...we are well on our way!
  Here's the Little Beauty

Thank you Ryan for this amazing gift!  I love you!

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